All the universities and colleges that we represent are accredited and registered.

We represent universities and colleges that acknowledge that life and work experience is simply another form of education and consequently they offer experienced people the chance to transform their skills and experience into an accredited degree.

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Education for many people stopped well before university degree level; sometimes it was lack of finances in the family other times it was because further education was not seen as necessary at the time.

Today, after years of gaining work and life experience but without a degree to acknowledge their skills in their chosen profession or field, many people see the need to buy a degree. Often times for personal self-esteem, but mostly because having a degree will allow them to climb the ladder of success in terms of promotion within their workplace including an increased salary.

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When you Buy A Degree through us it is genuine. It is 100% legal and issued by an accredited university. Equally important, it is verifiable at any time by anyone. It will include the university logo, the graduates name, the degree awarded, the genuine embossed seal of the university which is a gold seal and ornate, genuine signatures, the authorized status and address of the university.

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Is it ethical to buy a college degree?

Sitting in a classroom learning something you already know is not only a waste of your time, but also a waste of money. The old-fashioned education system does not award credit for knowledge. Credit historically has only been awarded to those students who have managed to sit through each class and pass a final examination.

Our colleges and universities think differently. They believe that working adults should not need to spend hours at a traditional university campus re-learning things they’ve already accomplished. They operate with the belief that college-level knowledge and life experiences, no matter how it is gained, warrants credit. If you believe in the worth of life experience then there is nothing unethical when you buy a degree.

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The graduation package comes with a detailed explanation of the Apostille, the advantages of supporting your degree with one and instructions on how to apply for one under privileged and discounted terms and conditions.

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